Turnkey Projects

AFV Specialties is a Turnkey Division 10 Contractor that includes purchasing and installation of a wide range of items that include a full Division 10 scope as well as various Division 12 items.

Accurate Estimation Services

Experience estimators are dedicated to producing top quality estimates for your project with in depth research to ensure that nothing is overlooked that would make your project successful.

Full Time Project Management

Our Project Managers are dedicated to the successful and accurate completion of every project that we work on.

Division 10

  • Visual Display Boards and Screens
  • Wall, Door, and Corner Guards
  • Manufactured Fireplaces
  • Signage
  • Flagpoles
  • Lockers – All sizes and styles
  • Fire Protection – Extinguishers and Cabinets
  • Postal Specialties
  • Wire Mesh Partitions
  • Storage Shelving
  • Toilet/Bath/Laundry Accessories
  • Toilet/Shower Compartments

Division 12

  • Entrance Mats and Frames
  • Window Treatments – Blinds and Shades
  • Cubicle Curtains and Track